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The Annual Check-in and Review service offers a meticulous and ongoing examination of your financial strategy to ensure it remains aligned with your evolving life goals. This service, expertly crafted by Steve Clark, is aimed at providing a yearly touchstone for your financial planning journey.


During this service, you will engage in a detailed virtual session with Steve, designed to review and recalibrate your financial plan. This annual review ensures your GAME (Goals, Actions, Mindset, Education) plan remains responsive to any changes in your personal circumstances, market shifts, or financial regulations.


The session will be conducted via Zoom, offering a convenient and personal way to reconnect with your financial aspirations.


Included in the Annual Check-in and Review is a one-year renewal of your HapNav License, granting continued access to its goal-setting and tracking capabilities. You will also receive an annual MoneyFitt License renewal, ensuring ongoing entry to a wealth of financial education resources.


Lifetime access to the virtual planning community and structured peer-group mentoring continues to support you, offering a platform for shared learning and growth. You will also be provided with updated PDF resources relevant to your financial journey, ensuring your information is current and comprehensive.


This service ensures you remain confident and in control of your financial destiny, with expert guidance to steer you through the year and beyond.


Pricing for the Annual Check-in and Review service is guaranteed until 31st December 2023.

Annual Check-in and Review

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