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The Annual Check-in and Review service presents an in-depth and continuous review of your financial approach to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your life's ever-changing objectives. Devised by Steve Clark with consummate skill, this service promises a pivotal annual milestone in your financial planning odyssey.


This year’s enhancement includes the invaluable addition of a face-to-face meeting with Steve, supplementing the detailed virtual session. This physical meeting, set in a location conducive to strategic thought, offers an unmatched opportunity to forge a deeper connection with your financial narrative and bring a tangible presence to your planning experience.


You will embark on a comprehensive Zoom session aimed at meticulously assessing and fine-tuning your financial blueprint. Your GAME (Goals, Actions, Mindset, Education) plan will undergo a rigorous check to ensure it adapts effectively to personal life changes, economic fluctuations, and legislative updates.


Alongside the virtual touchpoint, the face-to-face meeting serves as a cornerstone for personal engagement, enriching the review process and enhancing the bespoke nature of your financial strategy.


The service includes a one-year extension of your HapNav License, maintaining your access to its robust goal-navigation features. An annual renewal of your MoneyFitt License also forms part of this package, providing a continuous flow of educational financial content.


You will benefit from ongoing membership in the virtual planning community and the structured peer-group mentoring, fostering an environment of collective wisdom and support. Additionally, the latest PDF resources will be at your disposal, ensuring you have the most up-to-date materials for your financial journey.


With the Annual Check-in and Review service, you are afforded the confidence and command of your financial future, backed by expert counsel to guide you through the upcoming year and well into the future.


Secure this comprehensive service at the current rate, available until 31st December 2023.

Face-to-face Annual Check-in & Review

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